Sunday, August 24, 2014

sw pattern: Strangler Application

This pattern was mentioned in an excellent (and popular) Pluralsight class:
Encapsulation and SOLID - Online Training Course for Developers
by Mark Seemann
in section: The Liskov Substitution Principle > Append-Only
as an example how to change a class that is used by replacing it over time.

Origin: StranglerApplication by Martin Fowler
"gradually create a new system around the edges of the old, letting it grow slowly over several years until the old system is strangled."

Legacy Application Strangulation : Case Studies - Paul Hammant's blog
"Strangulation of a legacy or undesirable solution is a safe way to phase one thing our for something better, cheaper, or more expandable. You make something new that obsoletes a small percentage of something old, and put them live together. You do some more work in the same style, and go live again (rinse, repeat). Here’s a view of that (for web-apps)"

Agile From The Ground Up: Strangulation: The Pattern of Choice for Risk Mitigating, ROI-Maximizing Agilists When Rewriting Legacy Systems
The most important reason to consider a strangler application over a cut-over rewrite is reduced risk. A strangler can give value steadily and the frequent releases allow you to monitor its progress more carefully. -- Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks, on The Strangler Pattern

The Strangler Pipeline: Winning over Hearts and Minds @ InfoQ
by by Steve Smith

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