Tuesday, August 05, 2014

mobile market: Xiaomi 0 to #1 in China in 4 years

How to go from nothing to #1 seller of smartphones in largest mobile market in only 4 years?

Easy: imitate, don't innovate, and sell dirt cheap. No R&D expenses, not even marketing expenses,

since product look almost the same as market leaders... Scary...

China’s Xiaomi beats Samsung, Apple in home market - MarketWatch:

"Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., the fast-growing handset maker often described as the Chinese version of Apple Inc., has overtaken Samsung Electronics Co. to become the No. 1 smartphone vendor in China,"

Xiaomi’s One More Thing | TechCrunch

"Don’t Think Different"

Xiaomi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

33 B chinese yuan to usd = 5.35 B - Google Search

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