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IoT: Windows on Intel Galileo board

podcast Internet of Things on Windows with Dan Rosenstein @ .NET Rocks!
about bringing the Windows Developer Program for Internet of Things (IoT)

Microsoft has apparently ported GUI-less version of full Windows (not CE, and not WinRT) on Galileo board.
At this point there is no .NET (yet), so SDK is for C++ developers.

The advantage is compatibility with (some) x86 software, so development and testing can be done on standard PC computers. Microsoft provides test version of "kit" that includes the board, and Windows for qualified developers. Intel GALILEO Single ATX DDR2 1066 Microcontroller Motherboard GALILEO1.Y: Computers & Accessories
Intel GALILEO Single ATX DDR2 1066 Microcontroller Motherboard GALILEO1.Y $59.99
  • Galileo is a microcontroller board based on the Intel® Quark SoC X1000 Application Processor, a 32-bit Intel Pentium®-class system on a chip (SoC).
  • PC industry standard I/O ports and features to expand native usage and capabilities beyond the Arduino shield ecosystem
  • A full sized mini-PCI Express slot, 100Mb Ethernet port, Micro-SD slot, RS-232 serial port, USB Host port, USB Client Port, and 8 MByte NOR flash come standard on the board
Intel Galileo is also compatible with hardware interface of Arduino.
That makes it different from for example Raspberry Pi, that could be connected
to external Arduino board for (semi) real-time data communication.

On the other side, Raspberry Pi is ARM based, and has HDMI 1080 HD interface, and runs more complete version of Linux (with GUI), Java, Python, and even C# on Mono implementation of .NET CLR.

Microsoft IoT effort would be better of supporting at least a subset of .NET on Galileo to get more significant traction... Apparently there will be some other IoT kits available over time from Microsoft... RASPBERRY PI MODEL B 756-8308 Raspberry Pi B: Computers & Accessories
RASPBERRY PI MODEL B 756-8308 Raspberry Pi B$38.00

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