Monday, August 25, 2014

ideas: Making Better Decisions

A 4-Step Process for Making Better Decisions:
Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Problem: “four villains”... making decisions:
  • We have too narrow of focus. We are guilty of “spotlight thinking.” We focus on the obvious and visible. We miss important facts outside our immediate view.
  • We fall into confirmation bias. We develop a quick belief about something and then seek out information that confirms that belief.
  • We get caught in short-term emotion. We are too emotionally connected to the decision and struggle with being appropriately detached.
  • We are guilty of overconfidence. We assume that we know more than we actually do know and jump to conclusions, thinking we can accurately predict the future.
Solution: decision-making "WRAP" process:
  • Widen your options.
  • Reality-test your assumptions.
  • Attain distance before deciding.
  • Prepare to be wrong.

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