Friday, July 18, 2014

AI: "Deep Learning" Microsoft 'Project Adam' vs Google 'Brain' (!)

Microsoft Challenges Google’s Artificial Brain With ‘Project Adam’ | Enterprise | WIRED:
"Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence system, Project Adam, can identify images, including photos of a particular breed of dog."
Project Adam at work.
"We’re entering a new age of artificial intelligence.

Drawing on the work of a clever cadre of academic researchers, the biggest names in tech—including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple—are embracing a more powerful form of AI known as “deep learning,” using it to improve everything from speech recognition and language translation to computer vision, the ability to identify images without human help."

While Microsoft's researchers are working on recognizing dogs,
Google's researches are working on recognizing cats :)

In a Big Network of Computers, Evidence of Machine Learning -
"How Many Computers to Identify a Cat? 16,000"

Google’s Large Scale Deep Learning Experiments « Deep Learning

(Google's) Quoc Le’s Lectures on Deep Learning | Gaurav Trivedi

Stanford Team Develops 11 Billion Parameter Deep Learning System Using COTS GPU Hardware - Andrew Ng
"...Stanford developed a deep learning system with over 11 billion learnable parameters. One of the key drivers to progress in deep learning has been the ability to scale up these algorithms. Ng’s team at Google had previously reported a system that required 16,000 CPU cores to train a system with 1 billion parameters. This result shows that it is possible to build massive deep learning systems using only COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware, thus hopefully making such systems available to significantly more groups."

a paper that shows how to build the same type of system for just $20,000 using cheap, but powerful, graphics microprocessors, or GPUs

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