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Organic Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Frank Lloyd Wright's Penfield Usonian House - YouTube

Organic Architecture:
"where the whole is to the part what the part is to the whole"

  • Sense of shelter - main purpose of architecture.
  • Love and respect for Nature, the ultimate context, street names.
  • Return to natural biorhythms (Donna Penfield).
  • No separation from the elements.
  • Supremely human - humane architecture.
  • Grace to its site rather than a disgrace.
  • The building belongs where you see it standing.
  • Alternate universe - possibility, beauty, privacy, peace, space, comfort.
  • Complete work of art - part to whole, whole to part.
  • Integrity. A part of the landscape, environment - connection.
  • Free, democratic, individual - unconstrained by styles.
  • Guest books FULL of praise and appreciation.
  • Spiritual, simplicity.
  • Truth Against The World award speech. 

Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Plans - YouTube by Stewart Hicks

Organic means, in the philosophic sense, entity.
Where the whole is [to] the part as the part is to the whole
and where
the nature of the materials,
the nature of the purpose,
the nature of the entire performance 
becomes a necessity”.

to Wright “Form and function are one”

Organic Architecture | The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation

I’d like to have a free architecture. I’d like to have architecture that belonged where you see it standing, and was a grace to the landscape instead of a disgrace.
—Frank Lloyd Wright

J.A. Sweeton Residence - Wikipedia Cherry Hill, NJ

Usonia - Wikipedia
Usonia (/jˈsniə/) is a word that was used by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright to refer to the United States in general (in preference over America), and more specifically to his vision for the landscape of the country, including the planning of cities and the architecture of buildings. 

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