Saturday, March 16, 2024

Apple vs open web, right to repair

Advocating for the future of the open web with Alex & James Moore from the OWA (JS Party #316)

Open Web Advocacy (OWA) talk about the critical work the OWA has been doing to ensure users have browser choice and that web apps can be first-class citizens on mobile devices.

recent events with Apple and their DMA (un)compliance

Apple backs off killing EU web apps (Changelog News #84)

We have a right to repair! with Kyle Wiens, Founder and CEO at iFixit (Changelog Interviews #582)

Kyle Wiens, Founder and CEO at iFixit, about all things Right to Repair. They discussed the latest win here in the US with Oregon passing an electronics Right to Repair law to allow owners the right to get their stuff fixed anywhere as well as limit the anti-repair practices of parts pairing.

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