Saturday, February 10, 2024

Pkl /pickle/ a new config language from Apple

 Pkl: Apple's New JSON/YAML Killer (I actually want to use this...) - YouTube by Theo

...Apple of all companies made ANOTHER YAML alternative
pkl (pickle) is actually really cool. 

open source first release of Pkl (pronounced Pickle), a programming language for producing configuration.... designed Pkl with three overarching goals:
  • To provide safety by catching validation errors before deployment.
  • To scale from simple to complex use-cases.
  • To be a joy to write, with our best-in-class IDE integrations.
...created Pkl to have a familiar syntax to developers, and to be easy to learn. That is why we’ve included features like classes, functions, loops, and type annotations.

Pkl — pronounced Pickle — is an embeddable configuration language which provides rich support for data templating and validation. It can be used from the command line, integrated in a build pipeline, or embedded in a program. Pkl scales from small to large, simple to complex, ad-hoc to repetitive configuration tasks.

Pkl was built using the GraalVM Truffle framework.

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