Saturday, February 17, 2024

Open Source AI => "open intelligence"?

"open" (model) AI it is complicated... much more than open (source) software... 

What exactly is Open Source AI? with Stefano Maffulli, Executive Director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) (Changelog Interviews #578)

Llama 2 Community License Agreement - Meta AI

"2. Additional Commercial Terms. If, on the Llama 2 version release date, the monthly active users of the products or services made available by or for Licensee, or Licensee’s affiliates, is greater than 700 million monthly active users in the preceding calendar month, you must request a license from Meta, which Meta may grant to you in its sole discretion, and you are not authorized to exercise any of the rights under this Agreement unless or until Meta otherwise expressly grants you such rights.

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