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AWS vs Azure: Well-Architected

Azure Well-Architected Framework - Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework | Microsoft Learn

AWS Well-Architected - Build secure, efficient cloud applications

Comparing AWS Well-Architected Framework with Azure Well-Architected Framework | by Ibrahim Dauda | Feb, 2024 | Medium


Azure Well-Architected Framework -

Azure Well-Architected Framework enables you to achieve your business objectives, operationalizing how to design, build, and optimize cloud solutions.
Azure Well-Architected Review evaluates workloads with gap analysis and identifies areas of where to focus your optimization efforts.
Reference Architectures help you to build and deploy any workload to scale and meet your business needs.
Design principles based on proven practices and design patterns from successful customer and partner deployments.
Documentation provides answers to your how-to questions.
Azure Advisor gives you prioritized recommendations on your running workloads.

  • Cost-Optimization: Design “pay-as-you-go” cost-effective workloads aligned with business objectives/ROI while maintaining a budget
  • Operational Excellence: Design reliable, predictable, automated deployments, with monitoring, performance management, and extensive automated and manual testing from an infrastructure and application perspective
  • Performance Efficiency: Lower maintenance costs, improve user experience, and increase agility by architecting solutions with scalability baked-in. Move to PaaS by default to use built-in scaling functionality.
  • Reliability: Scale-out instead of scaling up with expensive hardware, and build reliability across deployments with resilient, HA applications, and failure mode analysis
  • Security: Build with security by design–to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability assurances against deliberate attacks and abuse of your valuable data and system

AWS to Azure services comparison - Azure Architecture Center | Microsoft Learn

Assessments | Azure Well-Architected Review
"Examine the reliability, security, cost optimization, operational excellence, and performance efficiency of your workload's design. Use the Azure Well-Architected Framework's recommendations to improve your workload."

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