Monday, January 22, 2024

web Tetris vs. trauma

from book: Hidden Potential by Adam Grant 

"After people watch an especially upsetting film clip, over the next week they typically have six or seven disturbing flashbacks. But if they’re randomly assigned to play a few rounds of Tetris right after watching the scene, it cuts their flashbacks in half over the next week. Somehow, the act of rotating, moving, and dropping geometric blocks shields us from intrusive thoughts and aversive emotions"

the Tetris effect illustrates key features of scaffolding
Tetris... changes how your brain constructs mental imagery.
Tetris is effective scaffolding because it helps you bypass a particular challenge
to be effective, the critical period seems to be the next 24 hours

science article @Nature

"...reductions in symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety between completion of therapy and follow-up in the Tetris group, but not the control group"

Tetris online: 

DeltaCoderr/Tetris-Game: A Basic Tetris Game made from JavaScript & HTML. @GitHub (MIT)
A Tetris Game made from JavaScript & HTML. Play the game Here.

  • left and right arrow keys: move
  • up arrow key: rotate
  • down arrow key: drop
  • space or digit 2: hard drop
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