Saturday, December 09, 2023

WebGL => WebGPU: games, AI/ML, apps

a "new" web API for developers!

very informative podcast episode, with author of WebGL/WebGPU Fundamentals)
From WebGL to WebGPU with Gregg Tavares (JS Party #304) |> Changelog
Gregg Tavares – Twitter, GitHub, Website

WebGL API is based on OpenGL, and it is well established, used by many (web) apps, while not easy.

A new standard called WebGPU provides direct access to new(er) GPU features, 
and that provides more performance, and enables using AI/ML from web apps. 

Interesting: Google Maps is apparently not using "img tiles" anymore, 
and instead is using WebGL for soother rendering of maps!

WebGL is often used from libraries like three.js,
and they will likely help with transition to WebGPU, 
but currently that support is incomplete.

"WebGPU remains a very new technology today (October 2023) and its implementation in three.js is still catching up with the three.js WebGL backend, just in terms of basic support for normal features. WebGPU isn't magic performance dust: it mainly has greater flexibility, and offers features missing in WebGL that an engine could use appropriately in the right circumstances to render faster, but an engine has to implement these optimizations too."

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