Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Tesla Bot Optimus Gen 2

AI & Robotics | Tesla

Tesla Bot: Optimus - Gen 2 - YouTube

INCREDIBLE Tesla Bot Progress - 2022 vs 2023 - YouTube

Tesla unveils Optimus Gen 2: its next generation humanoid robot | Electrek

Tesla shows off impressive Optimus Gen 2 humanoid robot

"Tesla has posted an update to its Optimus program on X, and it is extremely impressive. Over the course of a short video, Tesla showcased the Gen 2 Optimus prototype, which features an updated design, almost humanlike hand movements, and a lighter weight compared to its previous iterations."

Tesla Bot Optimus Gen 2 is Stunning, but it's just the beginning... | NVIDIA Eureka and Google RT-X - YouTube

Tesla Optimus Bot Gen 2 Gets Expert Explainer by Scott Walter - Ready to Ship!! - YouTube

Optimus (robot) - Wikipedia

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