Sunday, December 17, 2023

Chrome WASM GC

 WebAssembly Garbage Collection (WasmGC) now enabled by default in Chrome  |  Blog  |  Chrome for Developers

(memory) Garbage Collection

"In simplified terms, the idea of garbage collection is the attempt to reclaim memory which was allocated by the program, but that is no longer referenced. Such memory is called garbage. There are many strategies for implementing garbage collection..."

JavaScript V8 engine has GC, and so far WASM that runs on the same engine didn't.
The languages that have GC and can compile to WASM, such as C#, Go, Python, Java etc.
so far needed to also include "own" GC in addition to app code, adding significant overhead, both in size and performance. Having shared GC, while may not be 100% compatible, will enable much more code sharing. With that, WASM may become "standard" "VM", like Docker is for containers. 
This is a "bid deal!"

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