Sunday, October 29, 2023

Kubernetes, Docker, CRI, ContainerD

K8s 1.24 has removed default "dockershim" proxy interface for Docker, 
and instead using only ContainerD, that is CRI compatible.
No harm, docker images are supported as usual, just more efficient.

Container Runtime Interface (CRI) | Kubernetes

"The CRI is a plugin interface which enables the kubelet to use a wide variety of container runtimes, without having a need to recompile the cluster components.

You need a working container runtime on each Node in your cluster, so that the kubelet can launch Pods and their containers.

The Container Runtime Interface (CRI) is the main protocol for the communication between the kubelet and Container Runtime.

The Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI) defines the main gRPC protocol for the communication between the cluster components kubelet and container runtime"

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