Wednesday, October 11, 2023

concrete castle price

What would you do if you inherited $30M in today's money?
Henry Mercer bult himself a castle and a museum, from concrete.
Fire-proof, even windows (frames) are built from concrete!

100+ years later they are still standing, employing, and amazing people.

What would the cost, or even possibility, to build such buildings today?
Below is the AI calculated pro-rated cost by Wolfram Alpha, with average inflation rate for 100 years.

About | Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle

Fonthill Castle | Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle

The Mercer Museum is a six-story reinforced concrete castle designed by Henry Mercer (1856-1930) and completed in 1916. Today, it is one of Bucks County’s premier cultural attractions and a Smithsonian affiliate.

Build by only 8 people, a horse, and concrete mixer, in only 3 years
for $38000 in 1915 money = $1.1 M in 2023

When planning a museum visit, it is always good to check if the ticket may be available via a "Museum Pass" available for free in the local library system. Libraries have a certain number of subscriptions for various museums, so with some planning one can get museum tickets for yourself and your family. 

Museum Pass | Burlington County Library

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