Wednesday, October 04, 2023

car skyscrapers: Porsche Design Tower Miami

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Porsche Design Tower - Wikipedia

The tower has three elevators to take cars to their units and estimated to cost about $560 million to build

Porsche Design Tower Miami

"Porsche Design Tower Miami is a luxury apartment building in a class of its own. The Tower boasts 132 residential units, all with summer kitchens, fireplace and in-unit garages for owners to house their prized vehicles. This is made possible by a unique system: the Dezervator. The Dezervator is a one of a kind elevator that transports you and your car to your unit. In addition to that, residents may take advantage of the car concierge services which include valeting and maintenance of your vehicle."

Porsche Design Tower Harbors Supercars During Hurricane Irma
"This 60-story fortress will protect Miami’s most expensive cars from Irma’s wrath.
According to The Real Deal, only 10 people currently reside in the 132-unit high-rise, so Porsche Design has employed a full staff to keep the supercars safe."

"This building will probably be one of the safest places to be during the hurricane"

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