Friday, September 22, 2023

Geoapify: GIS APIs, with OpenStreetMap data

A very good Geo / GIS API: 
Powered by Open Street Map (OSM) data.
22x better price than Google API!
3K free calls / day

Geocoding API overview  |  Google for Developers

Platform Pricing & API Costs - Google Maps Platform

$200/month "free" = 40K geocoding api calls
300K/month = $1300

Geocoding API overview  |  Google for Developers Maps, APIs and components | Geoapify Location Platform
Develop location-aware apps for your business with our user friendly APIs and location services

Pricing | Geoapify Location Platform

3K calls/day free = 90K/month
10K/day = 300K/month = $59 = 22 times less than Google!

Geocoding API Playground by Geoapify Data Sources
Python For Everybody Open StreetMap / GeoAPIfy Proxy Server

Powered by Geoapify at the free level. 

free access to OSM data on AWS

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