Saturday, September 02, 2023

EV: new Tesla Model 3

more than 2 million sold so far!

NEW Tesla Model 3: The Best Just Got Better! - YouTube

among the very first to experience the refreshed Tesla Model 3. With revised styling, a drastically improved cabin, increased range and much more, has Tesla's cheapest car reestablished itself as the world's greatest EV?

Just hours after photos leaked of the upcoming Tesla Model 3 refresh, codenamed “Project Highland,” Tesla has officially unveiled its highly-anticipated facelift in Europe.

increased range largely comes from improvements in aerodynamics, with a lower and less bulbous front end, channeling air around the vehicle more effectively. This has resulted in a Cd of .219, Tesla’s lowest yet (down from .225 on the current Model 3), which improves range by 5-8% on its own.

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