Monday, June 05, 2023

AR: Apple Vision Pro: "spatial computing"

 Apple Vision Pro - Apple

Available early next year in the U.S.

price: $3500 : more than Microsoft's and Google's similar failed products combined

and most likely will have enough buyers anyway

Apple Vision Pro - Apple movie

announced at WWDC23

Apple Events - Apple

Apple Vision Pro first look: the mixed reality future is (almost) here - The Verge

Introducing Apple Vision Pro - YouTube by Apple

Apple Vision Pro Impressions! - YouTube

Why Apple’s Vision Pro is the Next iPhone (Analysis) - YouTube by ColdFusion

Reactions to Apple’s new vision with Mike McQuaid from Homebrew (Changelog & Friends #3) |> Changelog

Spatial computing - Wikipedia

Spatial computing was defined in 2003 by Simon Greenwold,[1] as "human interaction with a machine in which the machine retains and manipulates referents to real objects and spaces".

With the advent of consumer virtual reality,[2] augmented reality,[3] and mixed reality, companies such as Microsoft[4] and Magic Leap[5] use "spatial computing" in reference to the practice of using physical actions (head and body movements, gestures, speech) as inputs for interactive digital media systems, with perceived 3D physical space as the canvas for video, audio, and haptic outputs. It is also tied to the concept of 'digital twins'.[6]

Apple announced the first major spatial computing platform with the Vision Pro on 5th June 2023. It features several features such as Spatial Audio, two microOLED displays, the Apple R1 chip and eye tracking. It is planned to be released in 2024 in the United States.[7]

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