Thursday, May 18, 2023

Big Data => DataWare ?

SE Radio 561: Dan DeMers on Dataware : Software Engineering Radio

Dataware platforms leverage an operational data fabric to liberate data from apps and other silos and connect it together in real-time data networks. They explore a range of key topics, including zero-copy integration, encapsulation and information hiding, handling changes to data models over time, and latency and access issues. 

Dataware @ spiceworks

How Dataware Redefines Data Management

Dataware is a platform technology that incorporates several advanced capabilities and concepts, including an operational data fabric, domain-centric governance, knowledge graphs, and active metadata.

Dan DeMers Demystifying data fabric, data mesh, and dataware - YouTube

End of Integration: How dataware could change applications forever - YouTube

Dan DeMers, Cinchy, The rise of dataware and the end of app-centric data architecture - YouTube

"Data Browser"

HW => DW => SW

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