Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Stanford University intro-to-coding course: Code in Place 2023

Code in Place

A free, human-centered, intro-to-coding course from Stanford University
April 24th - June 10th, 2023
Apply by April 10th

Join for the next offering as either a student or as a section leader.

highest quality free coding course to many students from around the world. The secret? Thousands of passionate teachers, decades of experience making coding joyful at Stanford, our uplifting community of learners, and a small touch of AI, when helpful. Learn (or teach) the first half of Stanford's flagship intro to python course, CS106A

the first half of CS106A, online for free, with the support from thousands of teachers.

for Who? Learners, with no programming experience, and time to dedicate to learning.

How much work? At least 7 hours each week for 6 weeks. Set your own schedule

"What makes Code in Place special? We recruit and train one volunteer teacher for every 10 students in order to create a vibrant community of teaching and learning. We believe that the magnitude of people who want to teach computer science is large and may be roughly proportional to the magnitude of people who want to learn. Why? Teaching is joyful and teaching is the best way to learn both content and team leading skills. We do hope this course inspires more human-centered learning for all. "

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