Friday, August 26, 2022

Postgres DB in web browser with WASM

Yes, whole Postgres complied to WASM, running in web browser!

Learn Postgres at the Playground

"Yes, this is WASM and running fully in your web browser. Due to browser sandboxing there is no way to connect directly to the Postgres instance beyond the embedded psql interface that we establish for you. The current configuration allocates 512MB of memory for your Postgres instance, we may make this more configurable in the future. It’s in the browser, hence if you refresh you’re going to get a fresh instance, we haven’t created any persistence layers (yet)."

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How we moved SpiceDB to run in-browser and decreased request latencies by 90%

As SpiceDB is written in Go, Ideally, we’d run Go code directly in the user’s browser,

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