Sunday, June 05, 2022

podcast: web3 with a16z &

new podcast about web3, from a16z

Introducing “web3 with a16z”, a show about building the next generation of the internet.

This is a new podcast for anyone seeking to understand and go deeper on blockchains, crypto, and web3. But it’s really about how users and builders — whether artists, coders, creators, developers, companies, organizations, or communities — now have the ability to not just “read” (web1) + “write” (web2) but also “own” (web3) and build with pieces of the internet, unlocking a new wave of creativity and entrepreneurship.

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excellent podcast overview of "crypto / web3"

Crypto, an Oral Essay | a16z Podcast

Crypto, an Oral Essay | Andreessen Horowitz

Crypto Startup School 

Stanford professor Dan Boneh teaches “Blockchain Primitives: Cryptography and Consensus,” providing an introduction to the cryptographic foundation of blockchains and how developers can use them to build new types of applications.

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Future | Understand the Future and How to Build It  

Podcasts | Future  //

NFT Canon
"The NFT Canon is a go-to resource for artists and creators, developers, corporations and institutions, communities and other organizations seeking to understand or do more with non-fungible tokens.

It’s a curated list of readings and resources on all things NFTs (inspired by the a16z Crypto Canon), and is organized from the big picture of what NFTs are and why they matter to how to mint, collect, and do more with them — including FAQs, ecosystem overviews, and various applications such as art, music, gaming, social tokens, creator DAOs, and others."

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