Thursday, June 09, 2022

JavaScript Builds: Metro vs WebPack

 Faster JavaScript Builds with Metro | by Rae Liu | The Airbnb Tech Blog | May, 2022 | Medium

"Thanks to the switch to Metro, AirBnB improved our build performance. In development, the time it takes for a simple UI change to be reflected and loaded (Time to Interactive TTI metric) is 80% faster. The slowest production build compiling ~49k modules (JavaScript files) is 55% faster (down from 30.5 minutes to 13.8 minutes).

Metro is the open source JavaScript bundler for React Native.

...the landscape has changed since we evaluated Parcel, Webpack 4, and Metro back in 2018. There are other tools, such as rollup.js and esbuild, that we haven’t explored much, and we know that Metro isn’t a general-purpose JavaScript bundler when compared to Webpack."

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