Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The "end of software" as we know it?

 The end of software is coming | Peter Wang and Lex Fridman - YouTube

"Peter Wang is the co-founder & CEO of Anaconda and one of the most impactful leaders and developers 
in the Python community. Also, he is a physicist and philosopher."

The "software as we know it" (for last 50 years) is not quite predictable, both correctness of implemented features as well as in performance. 

The new "ML" (machine learning) based systems are often defined in terms of expected output and performance, and with this could run as "cybernetic systems", without "human in the loop". 

So while "no software" tagline promoted by Salesforce in early 2000's was describing "no software to install and manage", the next wave of "software" could be and "autonomous system" that produces expected results, without direct insight or even control how this is done. 

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