Sunday, November 21, 2021

No Code, Low Code => Smart Code?

Old and modern "low code" tools and solution all seem to assume that efficiency could be increased by hiding complexity, and making it "easy" to produce code without real knowledge. 

The reality is that successful tools "empower" knowledgeable developers to create better solutions.
So focus on "smart" tools for good "developers" will be (at least) 100x more productive 
that "easy" tools for "non-developers". 

Just my 5c... supported by evidence of many successful startups and sw companies. 

and here is a informative, while opinionated view from O'Reilly...

"Programmers know their jobs won’t disappear with a broadscale low-code takeover (even low-code is built on code), but undeniably their roles as programmers will shift as more companies adopt low-code solutions."

surprising marketing didn't (yet) "invent" TLA (three-letter-acronym) for it 

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