Sunday, December 27, 2020

web tools: preact, lit-html, svelte, stencil vs react, angular

while web components are being standardized and implemented in all modern browsers
web development is still done with many JavaScript/TypeScript tools

those tool chains are getting quite complex, and resulting web apps quite large.
and while there are many and changing options for js/web tools, React is still dominant

What is Preact and when should you consider using it?

Preact | Preact: Fast 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API. Components & Virtual DOM.

preactjs/preact: ⚛️ Fast 3kB React alternative with the same modern API. Components & Virtual DOM. @GitHub

Front-end Frameworks Breaking the Mold in 2020 | Toptal® 

lit html vs preact vs @stencil/core vs svelte | npm trends

svelte vs react vs @angular/core vs preact | npm trends

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