Friday, December 11, 2020

Play with Go: free web tutorials, running in containers

 Play with Go featuring Paul Jolly and Marcos Nils (Go Time #158) |> Changelog

Play with Go is a set of hands-on, interactive tutorials for learning the tools used while programming in Go.

Play with Go - The live site running Play with Go
Play with Go on Github - The open source repository and source code.
Play with Go on Twitter
Play with Docker - The project that Play with Go was based on.
play-with-go/preguide - A validation tool used in Play with Go.
CUE - Syntax language similar to JSON used in Play with Go. Built with Go.
Using Go Modules - A blog article mentioned in the show as having issues due to repositories changing.
Gitea - An open source, self-hosted Git service used in Play with Go.
gio - A Go GUI library mentioned in the show.
Jonathan Leibiusky - Helped create Play with Docker.
SIV is Unsound - An article mentioned during the unpopular opinion segment about semantic versioning.

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