Sunday, February 09, 2020

Tesla Autopilot & Moore's Law

Great podcast interview, that co-designed many of CPUs that we are using today!
First selected section of interview about autonomous driving:

"Jim Keller, Tesla’s former head of Autopilot hardware and the designer of Tesla’s Self-Driving Computer chip, says that he is confident about solving autonomous driving after working at Tesla."

Here is a whole interview:

"Jim Keller is a legendary microprocessor engineer, having worked at AMD, Apple, Tesla, and now Intel. He's known for his work on the AMD K7, K8, K12 and Zen microarchitectures, Apple A4, A5 processors, and co-author of the specifications for the x86-64 instruction set and HyperTransport interconnect."

" is a microprocessor engineer best known for his work at AMD and Apple. He was the lead architect of the AMD K8 microarchitecture (including the original Athlon 64 and was involved in designing the Athlon (K7) and Apple A4/A5 processors. ... Tesla HW 3.0"

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