Friday, November 01, 2019

Google += Fitbit (big data)

Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion - The Verge

What everyone is forgetting about in Google's $2.1 billion deal for Fibit

"Google obtains sensitive data on how human beings live their lives and their overall health journey. With populations globally getting older and incomes for many classes of people going up, Google could use that data on Fitbit’s 28 million active users to build out new subscription health services....
Fitbit’s stock hit a record high of $48 or so in July 2015, not too far removed from its June 2015 IPO. Back then, optimism was running high on the wearable space and Fitbit was seen as the market leader as the Apple Watch had only just gotten off the ground.

Fitbit’s stock fell slightly below $3 in late August of this year. Its market cap has gone from $6.4 billion in December 2015, according to Yahoo Finance Premium data to Google’s offer price of $2.1 billion."

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