Sunday, May 26, 2019

Alan Kay: It’s not BIG DATA, but BIG MEANING

Toward the next generation of programming tools - O'Reilly Media

"In a Quora post, Alan Kay lamented the state of tooling for programmers. Every other engineering discipline has built modern computational tools: for computer aided design, simulation and testing, and for manufacturing. But programming hasn’t progressed significantly since the 1970s. We’ve built great tools for others, but not ourselves..."
What was the last breakthrough in computer programming? - Quora

"As for programming itself... “It’s not BIG DATA, but BIG MEANING”. In other words, the next significant threshold that programming must achieve is for programs and programming systems to have a much deeper understanding of both what they are trying to do, and what they are actually doing. That this hasn’t happened in the last 35 years is a really unfortunate commentary on the lack of a maturation process for computing."

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