Saturday, February 16, 2019

JavaScript: functional vs. object; DOM: Virtual vs Incremental

hbnratu2blpova.pngAn interesting observation from 3 years ago:

The rise of functional programming & the decline of Angular 2.0


@angular/core vs angular vs react vs vue | npm trends

2-year chart

npm/download-counts: Background jobs and a minimal service for collecting and delivering download counts

One possible explanation for download counts is that typical Angular projects are larger and last longer, so no need for frequent downloads. In any case, there is a significant difference.

In the meantime, Angular is evolving to embrace good ideas from React.
Both are missing simplicity, though...

Angular is Dead. Long live Angular – AndrĂ© Braga – Medium

Understanding Angular Ivy: Incremental DOM and Virtual DOM
Virtual DOM creates a whole tree from scratch every time you rerender.
Incremental DOM, on the other hand, doesn’t need any memory to rerender the view if it doesn’t change the DOM. We only have to allocate the memory when the DOM nodes are added or removed. And the size of the allocation is proportional to the size of the DOM change.

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