Tuesday, January 15, 2019

"AWS For Everyone": low-code/no-code project

AWS For Everyone: New clues emerge about Amazon’s secretive low-code/no-code project – GeekWire

"The promise of so-called “low code/no code” software-development tools is to enable anyone to create business applications around their custom needs. It sounds like Amazon Web Services is getting ready to extend that idea to everyone.

Based on several LinkedIn resumes and a recent tech talk, it now seems like more than 50 engineers are working on a secretive low-code/no-code project that’s part of an effort called AWS For Everyone."

"The whole low-code/no-code concept has been evolving over the past few years. Just as the value of adding simple web applications to older business workflows often based around paper has become clear, professional developers are being pushed to develop and ship code for mission-critical applications on a near-constant basis.

Companies like AppSheet, K2, and Smartsheet have been working on tools for these types of users, and big providers like Microsoft, Google and Salesforce also offer their cloud customers access to these types of tools."

Woo is working for Adam Bosworth

CascadiaJS 2018 / Nov 15-16 / Seattle, WA

"The term "low-code app development" didn't exist until a few years ago but the concept isn't a new one. There's long been a notion in enterprises and SMBs of the "power user" or "citizen developer," meaning business users who see an opportunity to optimize a process and take it upon themselves to create their own apps. To do so, they often dabble in technologies such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming in Microsoft Excel. Low-code tools expand that philosophy from only the most tech-savvy of workers to any average employee who sees a business problem or process that a simple app could optimize and solve, and sets out to build it themselves."

The no-code app maker for Google Sheets, Excel, and more. Create mobile iPhone and Android apps for your business. Start for free and build powerful apps.

"Our team is building something completely new within Amazon Web Service (AWS) that will transform industries and change how people work. We have a startup-like environment, a mission to achieve, and no time to lose!.. Java, JavaScript, Python."

"We are building a new product that will transform many industries and change how people work. This is a rare opportunity to work on a v1 product, being involved in designing the architecture from the ground up. Our team is led by well-known executives who have made significant contributions across multiple disciplines and products, and we are looking for engineers to join us on this journey!"

"Special Projects org... a product that will change the industry, and will be used globally at large scale... Node.js, React, React Native, Redux, Typescript, ES6, Jest, Webpack"

The new product is likely to be a variation to "spreadsheet" / "light database" 
something to compete with Microsoft Office and Google Docs.
Adam Bosworth certainly has plenty of experience making such tools:
"Build most consumer OLAP for Citicorp, Reflex, Quattro, Access, ODBC, IE 4.0, XML, Weblogic Workshop, Integration, and Portal, managed gmail, blogger, picassa, calendar, spreadsheet for Google, then started/ran Google Health,"

A possible product name may be "WorkSheets", to match:

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