Saturday, December 08, 2018

AWS re:invent 2018 summary

Keeping Up With AWS re:Invent 2018 – marknca – Medium

The Cloudcast - Weekly Cloud Computing Podcast - All of the 2018 AWS reInvent Announcements


AWS US-East GovCloud -

Route 53 for Hybrid Clouds -

AWS Global Accelerator -

AWS Transit Gateway (hub & spoke VPC routing) -


EC2 Predictive Scaling (powered by AI) -

AWS A1 Compute (powered by ARM) -

AWS C5n Compute (100Gb Networking) -

Hibernate EC2 Instances -

New Snowball Edge (more Compute & GPU) -

AWS Firecracker (Open Source, Lightweight Virtualization) -

AWS Outposts (Managed Private Cloud)


AWS DataSync - Fast, Automated Data Transfer -

AWS Managed SFTP -

S3 Cost Optimization via Automated Tiering -

File Systems

Amazon FXs for Windows File Server -

Amazon FXs for Lustre -


Amazon DynamoDB Transactions -

Amazon DynamoDB On-Demand -

Amazon Forecast - Time Series Forecasting -

Kinesis Data Analytics for Java -

Account Management

AWS Resource Access Manager (cross-account sharing) -

Private Marketplace on AWS Marketplace -

AWS CloudWatch Logs Insight -

AWS Cloud Maps - custom maps of applications -

AWS Well-Architected Tool (review against best-practices) -

AWS License Manager -

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Training [Free] -

Amazon Elastic Inference - GPU Powered Deep Learning Inference Acclerator -

Amazon Sagemaker - Ground Truth -

Amazon Machine Learning Algorihms and Models in Marketplace -

Amazon SageMaker RL (Reinforced Learning) -

AWS DeepRacer - Use Sagemaker RL -

Amazon Sagemaker “Neo” - Run Once, Run Anywhere -


AWS Amplify Console - continuous deployment and hosting service for modern web applications with serverless backends -

New AWS Services in Step Functions -

AWS Toolkits for popular IDEs (Pycharm, IntelliJ, VisualStudioCode) -

New AWS Services in Step Functions -

New Lambda Programming Languages (and BYO), and Share Lambda components -

New Amazon Businesses

AWS Ground Station (managed satellite ground stations) -

AWS Elemental MediaConnect (Ingest & Distribution of Video) -

Amazon Comprehend Medical (NLP for Healthcare) -

AWS DeepRacer - Use Sagemaker RL -

AWS RoboMaker - Develop, Test, Deploy, Manage Robotics Apps -

Amazon Personalize - Recommendation Engine for Everyone -

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