Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ooui.Wasm: Xamarin .NET in web browser

Another experiment of running .NET code in web browser,
by leveraging Mono runtime cross-compiled for Web Assembly (Wasm).
It is a generic tool with a clever architecture, example of open web innovation.
Just because it could be done.

Building UI on the Web using Ooui with Frank Krueger @ .NET Rocks! vNext

"Write interactive web apps in C# and F#"

Xamarin.Forms XAML Editor - Ooui Samples

XAML Editor in the Browser 

Xamarin Forms on the Web 

Progressive Web Apps

WebAssembly support lands in Go language: golang wasm/js
"Support for Golang on the Wasm platform will be added in a series of commits to the golang base. The first in the series landed on March 31st 2018, and aims to add WebAssembly as an architecture target to the Go programming language."

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