Sunday, April 29, 2018

Azure Service Bus + .NET Standard SDK

Excellent summary of Azure messaging options,
and a new integration library based on .NET standard, for both .NET 4 and .NET Core

Azure Service Bus and the .NET Standard SDK | On .NET | Channel 9

AMQP: supported by Service Bus and Event Hub

Azure Service Bus Messaging Overview | Subscribe! | Channel 9

Azure/azure-service-bus: ☁️ Azure Service Bus service issue tracking and samples @ GitHub

Microsoft Azure Service Bus

Azure messaging services comparison | Microsoft Docs

ServicePurposeTypeWhen to use
Event GridReactive programmingEvent distribution (discrete)React to status changes
Event HubsBig data pipelineEvent streaming (series)Telemetry and distributed data streaming
Service BusHigh-value enterprise messagingMessageOrder processing and financial transactions

Stream data overview

Azure Event Grid and Event Hubs integration | Microsoft Docs

"Azure Event Grid is an intelligent event routing service that enables you to react to notifications from apps and services. The Event Hubs Capture and Event Grid sample shows how to use Azure Event Hubs Capture with Azure Event Grid to seamlessly migrate data from an event hub to a SQL Data Warehouse."

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