Friday, April 27, 2018 fastest, privacy-first DNS by CloudFlare

CloudFlare is most often associated with CDN and DDoS protection services it provides. 
Now they provide public DNS also, that could be configured in computers and mobile devices 
instead of default DNS provided by internet providers. 

Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service

"DNS's Privacy Problem
...What many Internet users don't realize is that even if you're visiting a website that is encrypted — has the little green lock in your browser — that doesn't keep your DNS resolver from knowing the identity of all the sites you visit. That means, by default, your ISP, every wifi network you've connected to, and your mobile network provider have a list of every site you've visited while using them."

CloudFlare's outperformed any of the other consumer DNS services available (including Google's 

14.8ms :
20.6ms : Cisco OpenDNS
34.7ms: Google Public DNS (
68.23ms: Average ISP

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