Monday, November 13, 2017

book: Blue Ocean Shift: from Competing to Creating

Blue Ocean Shift
excellent podcast interview:

#231: Renée Mauborgne—Move Beyond Competing | EntreLeadership
"...the best way to fuel growth is to create a new market—with conditions favorable to you—rather than allowing the current market conditions to dictate your decisions..."

What are "Red Oceans?" : a "bloody" market competition that most industries today have, caused by excess supply a tight demand shrinking profit margins.

What are "Blue Oceans?" : creating new markets is wide open blue ocean
where there wasn't competition that uncontested market space.

Previous book "Blue Ocean Strategy" was about "WHY",
and new book "Blue Ocean Shift" is about "HOW" to create market "blue oceans"

Five steps to making "Blue Ocean:"

  1. Get Started
    • avoid too much theory 
    • start from right place (not by analyzing competition!)
    • constructing right team (close to customer info)
  2. Understand where you are now
    • getting clear about current position
  3. Imagine where you could be
    • uncover hidden pain points that limit size of industry
    • discovering "non-customers" (and why they are so)
  4. Find how to get there
    • systematically re-constructing market boundaries 
    • developing alternative opportunities
  5. Make your move
    • selecting "blue ocean" move
    • rapid market tests
    • finalizing and launching

book: What is Blue Ocean Shift? | Blue Ocean Shift
"...systematic plan to help any organization move 
from competing in existing markets to creating new markets..."

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