Friday, October 06, 2017

future OSs: Microsoft Andromeda, Google Fuchsia+Magenta-Linux

What is Microsoft's AndromedaOS? | ZDNet
"It's worth noting AndromedaOS is not a Microsoft Research project. It isn't Microsoft's attempt to create a new operating system without any roots in Windows, as was "Midori" -- an operating system that Microsoft worked on for years as a skunkworks project and then dropped.
AndromedaOS, instead, is going to be the guts of Windows 10 as it moves ahead, according to my sources."
Andromeda OS is Microsoft’s big plan to make Windows 10 fully modular | TechRadar

"Microsoft’s vision for the future of Windows 10 is to morph the OS into an entirely modular system whereby features can be bolted on (or removed) and tailored specifically to the device the software will be running on."
How Microsoft's approach to 'Windows Core OS' differs from Google's and Apple's | Windows Central

Google’s “Fuchsia” smartphone OS dumps Linux, has a wild new UI | Ars Technica

"Unlike Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is not based on Linux—it uses a new, Google-developed microkernel called "Magenta." With Fuchsia, Google would not only be dumping the Linux kernel, but also the GPL: the OS is licensed under a mix of BSD 3 clause, MIT, and Apache 2.0."

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