Monday, June 12, 2017

IoT: AWS Greengrass: scripts for devices & cloud

Fancy name "cloud functions" for what essentially are good old scripts. 
Thanks for performance improvements, both in hardware and software,
the original promise of Java is being realized: write once, debug everywhere :)

AWS Greengrass Runs Lambda Functions on IoT Devices @InfoQ
"Amazon has made available AWS Greengrass, a solution that allows developers to run Lambda functions on IoT devices and enable devices to communicate to each other and the cloud.
Built on AWS IoT and AWS Lambda, AWS Greengrass enables IoT devices to perform local computation, to communicate to the AWS cloud and to each other."

AWS Greengrass – Embedded Lambda Compute in Connected Devices - Amazon Web Services
"Local compute, messaging, data caching, and synch capabilities for connected devices.
Run IoT applications seamlessly across the AWS cloud and local devices using AWS Lambda and AWS IoT."

"Extend cloud intelligence to edge devices
...Build advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in the cloud and deploy to physical devices using IoT Edge."

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