Saturday, June 10, 2017


GraphQL vs REST: Things to Consider @ InfoQ

REST API downfalls, and dawn of GraphQL – Otto von Wachter – Medium
"The basic premise of both GraphQL and Falcor is that the server exposes a comprehensive data schema to the client, and the client decides exactly what it needs. Unlike with discrete REST endpoints, all the data for any given UI (page) can be sent in one trip to the client.
Ultimately, GraphQL is the more flexible and complete solution of the two, while Falcor provides 
out-of-the-box simplicity and is GraphQL-like."

GraphQL vs REST: Overview | Phil Sturgeon

Is GraphQL The End of REST Style APIs? | Nordic APIs |

Netflix Falcor: One Model Everywhere (JavaScript data library)
GraphQL Logo.svg

GitHub GraphQL API is Out of Early Access @ InfoQ

"Announced at GitHub Universe last year, GitHub GraphQL API aims to add more flexibility to GitHub API. The main advantage of GraphQL is its ability to define exactly what data are required, which makes it possible to replace multiple REST request with a single call. Additionally, GraphQL schemas are strongly typed and introspective."

Introducing GitHub Marketplace and more tools to customize your workflow @ GitHub

GitHub API | GitHub Developer Guide @ GitHub

GraphQL  spec, by Facebook, @GitHub

GraphQL - Wikipedia

GraphQL | A query language for your API

Code | GraphQL

From REST to GraphQL (Marc-Andre Giroux) - Full Stack Fest 2016 - YouTube

Zero to GraphQL in 30 Minutes – Steven Luscher - YouTube

Apollo GraphQL - YouTube

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