Thursday, May 04, 2017

Windows 10 S vs. Chrome OS

Windows 10 S is Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS - The Verge

"Windows 10 S. It's essentially Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS, to simplify Windows for low-end hardware and in particular, the education market. “Everything that runs on Windows 10 S is downloaded from the Windows Store,”... That doesn't mean that desktop apps won't run on this version of Windows 10, but they'll need to be specially packaged and listed in the Windows Store."

"Windows 10 S will run any browser in the Windows Store," says Myerson, hinting that if Google is willing to list Chrome in the Store then it will be available on devices that run Windows 10 S.

If you purchase a device running Windows 10 S then you'll be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro to enable all desktop apps to run like normal."

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