Saturday, May 06, 2017

Business of Business "Hybrid Books"

Don't blindly trust business books "authors"... many of those books are product of "ghostwriting service". When there is a benefit, somebody will provide a service and market it.

The latest "twist" on this are "hybrid books", where "author" is interviewed and the transcript is then professionally edited and published and promoted as a book, for a fee.

With exponential progress of AI, voice recognition and natural language understanding (and AI editing) becoming production ready, publishing can soon become an automated with cloud/mobile/web apps... And it can be auto-customized for different markets and published in many languages at once... unlimited possibilities :)

The (Booming, Misunderstood, Game-Changing, Potentially Manipulative) Business of Business Books @ Entrepreneur Magazine

"Entrepreneurs can charge 40 to 50 percent more in speaking fees if they have a book, and speakers who previously appeared for free can now command $10,000 per talk.
For a fee, hybrid publishers promise solutions to this problem. Advantage charges $25,000 to $30,000"
“What matters is the quality of the idea, not the person who actually writes down the letters,” he says. “Jesus Christ never wrote a word down in his life, but he was responsible for the best-selling book of all time.”
Book in a Box offers an “Amazon best-seller program,”
It does this by getting a bunch of readers to give the book good reviews. Then it runs free and $0.99 promotions of the book on Amazon, while blasting out the Amazon link to various mailing lists. This, the company says, usually results in anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 people downloading the book in a short period of time, thereby catapulting it to a high ranking."

Typing Test twice, once with Voice Recognition - Scott Hanselman
We are abstracting on the shoulders of giants - Scott Hanselman

Translate text and voice calls | Skype Translator | Skype

" (voice-to-voice) translator currently works in 8 languages, and text translator is available in more than 50 languages for instant messaging.
Skype Translator uses machine learning. So the more you use it, the better it gets..."

Skype Translator Demo Philadelphia MTC - YouTube

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