Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Compression Algorithms

Google’s Brotli Compression Algorithm Lands to Windows Edge @ InfoQ

"Microsoft has announced that its Edge browser has started using Brotli, the compression algorithm that Google open-sourced last year...
According to Google, Brotli uses a whole new data format, which makes it incompatible with Deflate but ensures higher compression ratios. In particular, Google says, Brotli is roughly as fast as zlib when decompressing and provides a better compression ratio than LZMA and bzip2

Last year, Apple and Facebook both open-sourced their new compression algorithms, Apple’s LZFSE and Facebooks’s ZStandard."

Facebook Open-Sources New Compression Algorithm Outperforming Zlib @ InfoQ

Apple Open-Sources its New Compression Algorithm LZFSE @ InfoQ

even 7-zip has better compression than standard Zip

7-zip LZMA SDK (Software Development Kit)

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