Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Azure IoT Hub + Brain Waves

A step beyond VR and AR, "a mind reading" tool.
A complex system for capturing and analyzing large amount of data...
maybe even remote control by just thinking about it :)

Azure IoT Hub - Capture and Analyze Brain Waves with Azure IoT Hub @ MSDN
"...This article describes how to get more insights on how the brain functions in given scenarios in hopes to someday define an algorithm that reacts dependably in multiple unexpected situations..."
  • "Emotiv Insights : SDK : Capture A brain interface that converts brain waves to numbers
  • Azure IoT Hub : Storage : Temporary storage queue for IoT-device-rendered data
  • SQL Azure : Storage : Highly scalable, affordable and elastic database
  • Stream Analytics : Storage : An interface between Azure IoT and SQL Azure
  • Power BI : Analysis : Data analysis tool with simple graphic-based support"
Comparison of consumer brain–computer interfaces - Wikipedia

Uploading my brain waves to the cloud, Azure IoT Hub and Emotiv brain interface – benjamin perkins



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