Thursday, September 01, 2016

what is Cloud 2.0 ?

Huawei Reinvigorates Enterprise Cloud with Comprehensive 'Cloud 2.0' Strategy

"Chinese technology provider Huawei is on a tear, looking to grow its respectable $60 billion revenue number to $150 billion by 2020. Best known as a manufacturer of gear for the telecom industry, Huawei is in large part counting on its enterprise division to generate much of this growth – and the key to that growth is the cloud."
"This year we will enter the era of ‘Cloud 2.0.’” according to Hu. “We see a new trend where sectors will change their mindset and take new action.”
Cloud Era 2.0 means thousands of individual clouds, each with distinctive features.”

“Cloudification is an inevitable part of digital transformation and migrating to intelligent systems,”
“Huawei has acute insight into customers’ real requirements,” Hu says. 
“You can’t use one key to open different locks.”

That is different than some other "definitions" of Cloud 2.0... 

"The 2.0 of the cloud is the data and understanding the data. Now that you're in the cloud, how do you take advantage of it so your business can operate at a whole new level."

"...emerging Social-Web trends are forcing people that run the day-to-day business to tap into ever-valuable ‘Unstructured Data’..."

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