Wednesday, March 23, 2016

book: The Art of Visualising Software Architecture; UML

book: Read The Art of Visualising Software Architecture | Leanpub by Simon Brown
free to read online
Large?1457263321   Software Architecture for Developers
Art of Visualising Software… by Simon Brown [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
download $0-$20

Software architecture as code by Simon Brown - YouTube

The Art of Visualising Software Architecture - Coding the ArchitectureStructurizr - create web-based software architecture diagrams using code
open source Structurizr tools @ GitHub (for Java & DotNet)

The tool is using code annotations and reflection to extract structure info from the code,
and then visualize from that information; also suggested GraphViz tool.

Structurizr - Help - The C4 software architecture model
"Structurizr is an implementation of Simon Brown's C4 software architecture model - Context, Containers, Components and Classes (or Code). The C4 model provides a way to easily and effectively communicate the static structure of a software system using a simple hierarchy of building blocks and associated diagrams. It's a way to create maps of your software."
sw tool: Structurizr
Maps of your software

recommended by Allen Holub
in class: Picturing Architecture: UML (The Good Bits) and More | Pluralsight

Allen Holub: Training/Consulting/Programming: Agile, Architecture, Swift, Java
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