Tuesday, February 16, 2016

book: "Mindset" by Carol Dweck (!)

Mindset | Brian Johnson (review)
"Carol Dweck, Ph.D is a Stanford Professor and one of the world’s leading authorities on the science of motivation."
  • Fixed vs Growth mindset
  • Effort is good
  • Genius is made (not born)
  • Feeling depressed (proving to be "smart")
  • Embrace failures! (to get better)

MindSet: A Book written by Carol Dweck. Teaching a growth mindset creates motivation and productivity in the worlds of business, education, and sports.

review of another book from Carol Dweck: Self-theories | Brian Johnson

Carol Dweck Revisits the 'Growth Mindset' - Education Week

a teaching program based on this, with a free trial option
Mindset Works®: Student Motivation through a Growth Mindset, by Carol Dweck, Ph.D.

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