Friday, December 11, 2015

Neo4j graph database and Cypher query language

Interesting interview, explains how Neo4j graph database was created.

Graph databases are powering mission-critical applications - O'Reilly Radar
"...with Emil Eifrem, CEO and co-founder of Neo Technology. We talked about the early days of NoSQL, applications of graph databases, cloud computing, and company culture in the U.S. and Sweden."

"... there’s exactly one point in time when you can take a new type of database to the market. ...
If you look back in history, we’ve really only been able to build database companies when there’s been a platform shift... Now, it’s very clear what the big platform shift is right now. It’s, of course, from whatever Web, LAMP stack, on-premise systems, to the cloud....When you have big platform shifts for whatever reason, good or bad, people re-evaluate their stack... (that is) why we have this explosion of databases..."

Another strong recommendation for Neo4j graph database, in this podcast interview

Building CluedIn with Tim Ward .NET Rocks! vNext

Query language of Neo4j is being open sourced...

"The openCypher project already has the support of a wide community of graph technology players, including Oracle, Databricks (the company behind Apache Spark), Neo Technology, TableauStructr and a host of others."
   MATCH (cypher:QueryLanguage)-[:QUERIES]->(graphs)
    MATCH (cypher)<- ableau="" in="" match="" opencypher="" pache="" racle="" spark="" tructr="""" u:user="" where="">(cypher)
    RETURN cypher.attributes

Intro to Cypher - Neo4j Graph Database

Graph databases works best if they can "fit to memory".
With latest "huge size" VMs on Azure, this may be sufficient even for very demanding cases...
Maybe a new graph search engine :)

Announcing Neo4j on Windows Azure - Neo4j Graph Database

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